Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some of our most frequently asked questions

Do you ship a package to another country?

Yes we can! We can package your shipment and provide you with all the customs papers as well. We’ll also call you up to let you know when your package was delivered.

Are you able to print off a document for me?

Yes we can! You can bring in your document on a thumb drive, or use our online print submission form to send us your document with the printing instructions. We will print it off for you and tell you when it’s ready for pick up.

Can you send and receive faxes and emails?

Yes! We can send and receive faxes and receive emails for you. Incoming faxes need to have your name and phone number on the cover letter so we can contact you when it comes in! 

Do you bind printed pages into a book?

We offer standard binding services of your choice.

How much does it cost for shipping?

Shipping costs vary based on many factors including which courier and service level (think shipping speed) you choose as well the size, weight and destination of your parcel. For an accurate price, please visit us with your package. 

Can you copy/print site plans, architectural drawings and posters?

We can copy documents up to 11″x17″ and print both B&W and colour on several types of paper and offer large format printing as well. We unfortunately can only print large format drawings; we cannot copy them.

Do you laminate pages or do any shredding?

Yes we can laminate up to 11 x 17. We also offer cross shredding for secure shredding of your documents.

Can you prepare my packages for shipping?

Yes, we provide packing materials from from padded envelopes to boxes, including protective bubble wrap.